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1930’s Women’s Rental Costumes in Greenwich, CT

Sleek and elegant bias cut even gown and day wear to become Jean Harlow, Mae west, and even Amelia Earhart. sizes 2-14

Price of each costume is for a week rental

Call us at 203-869-6911 to rent now.
1930's Gown

Velvet 1930's Evening Gown

$175 Rental

This is a gorgeous copy of an original 1930s gown. It is made of bronze/brown silk velvet with embroidery and beading. Because it is cut on the bias it fits an eight to a twelve. The dress fits your body like a glove and is finished with a matching over shawl. This is a very elegant example and can be worn for any fancy occasion, not just a costume event.

white 1930's Gown

1930's Jean Harlow

$85 Rental

This 1930’s gown is sleeveless with a v neck. The dress has a slight biased cut and is very plain from the shoulders to the hip. At the hip area to the knee there is a diamond pattern. The full skirt of the dress is longer on the sides than it is in the front. The dress is made of a Crème silk satin and is a size 8-10.

Bonnie Pinstriped suit

Blue Pinstriped Bonnie

$85 Rental

This blue pinstriped suit is also suitable for the infamous Bonnie of Bonnie and Clyde fame. The suit is made of a blue polyester blend fabric. The jacket is single breasted and has a separate button-down vest underneath. The skirt zips up the side and comes to below the knee, and has a side slit with buttons. The ensemble is finished off with Bonnie's signature beret. This suit fits a woman with a bust up to 38, waist 28 and hips 38.

1930's Gown

Grey & Green Net 1930's Gown

$125 Rental

This is a stunning example of the 1930s. This dress is a mint grey/green silk satin with beading. This is an elegant dress suitable for evening wear in the thirties. This dress is very small. and fits a 2 to 4

Bonnie Pinstripe suit

Bonnie Pinstripe Suit

$85 Rental

This suit is perfect for the infamous 1930's Bonnie, of Bonnie and Clyde. The ensemble comes with a black pinstripe double-breasted suit jacket that has six buttons and a skirt that comes to the knees. The skirt zips up the side and the outfit is finished off with Bonnie's signature beret/tam. This is available in two sizes. Medium which fits a bust up to 38, waist 28, hips 40, and a large which fits a 40-42 bust, waist up to 31 and hips 42.

1930's day dress

1930's Day Dress

$45 Rental

This is an authentic example of 1930's day wear. The dress is made of floral cotton fabric and has a lace collar and blue rayon ribbon bows. This is a non-fitted dropped waisted dress. It snaps and buttons closed. This dress comes well below the knees. This dress fits up to a 40 bust, 35 waist and 48 hips.

red 1930's Gown

1930's Satin Gown

$75 Rental

This authentic 1930s gown is made of beautiful eggplant color satin material. This short cap sleeved dress is very fitted and small. The dress zips up the back (The zipper is new to this dress) and is ruched at the waist/hips and is very form-fitting. This dress fits up to a size 34 bust, 24 waist and 37 hips.

black 1930's Gown

1930's Rayon Crepe Gown

$75 Rental

This is an authentic rayon crepe gown from the late thirties to the early 1940's. The neckline is low and v necked. There is a ruched medallion at the waist and pleating. The sleeves are long and fitted. The dress zips up the side. This fits up to a 38 bust, 28 waist and 38 hips.

black 1930's Gown

Black & Ermine Trim Gown

$85 Rental

This is an authentic gown from the 1950s which is 1930s inspired. The dress is made of silk and wool combination and has authentic ermine fur trim on the collar. the gown is sleeveless, fitted to the body and zips up the back and has a low back The gown fits up to a 36 bust, 28 waist and 38 hips.

diamond sequined dress

Diamond Sequin Dress

$75 Rental

This beaded dress has a rounded neckline and is sleeveless. The dress is fitted black cotton velvet and has a slit on the left side. On the front of the dress there are silver sequins in a diamond pattern. For closure, the dress zips up the back. This 1930’s dress comes in three different sizes. (4-6, 8-10, 10-12).

velvet 1930's Gown

Velvet Beaded 1930's Gown

$175 Rental

This is a spectacular beaded long gown. It is cut on the bias and fits your body like a glove. It is steel colored velvet and is entirely beaded. There is no opening and this has to go over the head The gown has a draped cowel neckline and a draped cowel sexy and elegant just like the thirties! This 1930s copy is very comfortable and not all that heavy and easy to wear. Because it is cut on the bias it fits a few different body types. This is not for a short woman unless you plan on wearing five-inch heels. This gown can fit from a six to a twelve as the fabric stretches to fit the form of your figure like an hourglass. You will for sure steal the spotlight when you arrive in this showstopping number!

burgundy 1930's Gown

Burgundy Satin 1930's Gown

$85 Rental

This 1930s gown is made of burgundy silk slipper satin. It is an authentic copy of a vintage dress (I copied it from an original). There is no opening so it has to go over your head. It fits close to the body and is not too forgiving. Elegant and sassy.

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