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Frequently Asked Questions

Costumes: do you rent or sell?

Both! We rent an assortment of both authentic vintage clothing and newly made theatrical costumes We also sell a full line of costumes, running the full gamut of price points, along with other products like vintage jewelry, accessories, masks, and flapper headbands.

What sizes do you carry?

Children: Varies Based on Costume.

Women: 0-24 for many costumes. XS-XL or XXL.

Men: 38 to 52 jacket for most costumes.

What does it cost to rent a costume?

Most of our rental prices range from $45 to $300.

The average cost of a costume is between $65 – 125

How do I rent a costume?

IN PERSON: Come by our store to try on costumes. When you have found your outfit, you fill out a form and give a card guaranteeing just in case of damage – you can pay the actual rental fee with cash or card. We recommend that you reserve your costumes in advance of your event. We have thousands of costumes, but the earlier you come for a theme party, the more options that you will have! Of course, we also help people look fabulous at the last minute.

BY PHONE: We also can ship costumes! We need your exact measurements and our staff can advise you as to the best fit for you. We email you a form to sign and you can digitally agree to the terms and send it back. In this case, you can pay by card. A shipping fee with be agreed to and added to the charge.

You can drop us a message or call us at 203-869-6911 for more information.

Do I have to wash or dry clean the costume before returning it?

Thank you for asking, but no – we include dry cleaning in the rental fee so customers don’t have to worry about how to wash all these different fabrics.

How long is the rental for before I must return the costume?

Unless there is a special arrangement or a particularly unique costume, clients typically have 1 week to return the costume.

Do you have a showroom that I can visit to try on costume?

Yes, absolutely. Our store is located at 428 E Putnam Ave Cos Cob CT 06807, US. We also sell through our website.

Where is 428 E Putnam Ave?

On the main road across from Citibank and in between The First Bank of Greenwich and All Glass. About a 3-5 minute drive past Greenwich High School.

What are your business hours?

Sophia’s is open from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm, Tuesday through Saturday. Call for our seasonal hours. Clients coming for costumes are advised to arrive before 5 pm to have time for our stylists to pull looks from the back and time for the clients to try on the costumes before purchase.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, as well as all major debit and credit cards. Sophia’s Costumes does not store your credit card information.

What is the replacement cost for a lost or damaged costume?

The replacement cost varies depending on the costume or piece.

Do you have non-costume jewelry?

Yes! We have fabulous estate pieces and vintage pieces in addition to our vintage costume jewelry and rhinestone jewelry. Shop our jewelry today by visiting Sophia’s Gallery.

What do you mean when you say you sell hostess gifts?

We sell beautifully scented candles, soaps, foamers, bath bombs and matching trays and towels. We carry sizes 0 – 24 for women. Men’s coats go up to 48, and a limited supply of size 50 and 52. Shop our gifts today by visiting Sophia’s Gallery.

Sophia Scarpelli
About Sophia

Sophia Scarpelli, Owner

Sophia started the store in 1981 with her own collection she amassed as a singer in a 40s band. She started buying vintage clothing at 16, and now is the prominent consignment shop of vintage, antique and estate jewelry in Greenwich, CT. Her collection of rentals and vintage clothing for retail is unsurpassed. To complete every look, there is a plethora of accessories including: hats, scarves, wigs, boas, jewelry, Venetian masks, headpieces, and more.

Sophia’s has remained a staple in Greenwich for over 41 years, contributing to local charity events, participating in outreach and always greeting her customers with a smile.

Now she has evolved to rock and roll and eCommerce. Buy some socks today and have a laugh.

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